Investaco provides independent financial advice across a wide range of products including mortgages, loans and insurance

The Taxation of Investments

April 22, 2014

The taxation of investments has never been a simple matter. There are many ways of reducing the burden of tax on your investments and we can help in several ways.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures your wishes are carried out, who takes guardianship of your children and also works to maximize the value of your entire estate by reducing taxes where applicable.

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Mortgages and Loans

Mortgage solutions to meet your needs: The advice Investaco offers on mortgages and loans is on a no obligation basis. We give you unrivalled access to 1000s of loan or mortgage plans to get the product you want.

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With our unique premium agreements and close trading relationships with insurers, we are able to offer a variety of schemes and insurance products and services. With all the advantages of individually negotiated premiums and covers we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs.

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As a landlord there are many things to consider, from what mortgage you require to the type of insurance you need. The UK rental market, accounts for approximately three million households; that is nearly one in eight privately rented homes.

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Additional Services

Whilst it is essential that when your finances are regularly reviewed we strongly recommend that it is in conjunction with your entire lifestyle and circumstances which is why we work alongside a number of other reputable organisations to provide expert advice and assistance in a number of fields.

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